We partner with the two other IGS core facilities to provide a full range of services. The Genomics Resource Center (GRC) is our sequencing partner for amplicon libraries. The Informatics Resource Center (IRC) provides analytical and computing infrastructure for data analysis. We package our services together to provide a seamless, high quality product for microbiome projects.

The MSL routinely processes samples from all over the world from many different sample types, including human, animal, and environmental sources.

MSL Workflow Overview

Process Process

Mobio PowerMicrobiome DNA/RNA

Hamilton STAR 4x96 preps/day

Process Process

Gene specific primer (V3V4 etc) KAPA HiFi polymerase 20-25 cycles

TTP Mosquito HV 20+ plates/day

Process Process

Complementary extension primer set Dual indexing 10-12 cycles

TTP Mosquito HV 20+ plates/day

Process Process

Amplicons normalized within PCR plate & across all pooled plates

Hamilton STARlet

Process Process

HiSeq 2500 RR 2 channels per flowcell

4 day run time ~8x throughput of MiSeq

1584 samples per channel


dada2 based workflow

Initial analysis of run metrics

Analysis of run controls

Split by project

The GRC and MSL have co-developed a high-throughput sequencing solution in partnership with Illumina that makes use of HiSeq Rapid Run sequencing chemistry to produce 300 bp paired-end high quality sequence data.